Mint Nutrition, fresh thinking, joyful eating, launches in Ponsonby

Confused about what, when and how you should eat? Carbs, no carbs, vegan, paleo, clean, cyclic, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, coconut or not, ancient grains, superfoods, low FODMAP, raw... the list goes on!

Mint Nutrition’s registered dietitians Estella Leek and Kate Syers have collaborated with psychologists to develop a Mindful Eating Programme, a non-diet approach to wellbeing and weight management, which promises to create sustainable change and to put the joy back into eating. Mint Nutrition uses fresh thinking, real science and individualised treatment plans to coach its clients to feel great in their bodies and to transform their relationship with food forever.

“When we are born we come complete with a highly sophisticated internal appetite regulatory system designed to work with nature to keep our fuel system balanced. We are also born with an inherent desire for ‘sweet’ to allow us to receive breastmilk with pleasure and gusto, an important survival mechanism. With hundreds of taste receptors in our mouths and in our gut, we soon learn to engage or disengage with foods depending on learnt experiences.

Team that up with emotional associations and you start to get interference with what nature intended. In our food-abundant, flavour-enhanced, stress-evoking world, our intuitive eating can be seriously challenged on a daily basis. This can impact on our health and compromise our ability to manage our weight.

The concept of a diet is an antiquated approach to losing weight. Diets, particularly fad diets don’t work. Research has proven this and there are indications that metabolic slow down can occur with repeat dieting.

Emerging research is suggesting that slowing down eating can create breakthroughs into positive eating. Slow down is not just about the pace of eating, it’s about fine tuning awareness around what, when and how much we eat,” says Estella and Kate from Mint Nutrition.

With a collective 50 years working as specialist registered dietitians, Estella and Kate have had extensive experience working with adults and children with all types of eating behaviour challenges and health issues.

Estella and Kate have seen it all and they know what works for sustainable change. Using a skills-based approach in their eating awareness training (EAT) they reshape their clients' eating with small but remarkably powerful changes.

This has proved to be of great benefit when coaching their clients with eating difficulties; clients who want to manage their weight, or those who want to improve their health or that of their children.

“Observing and working with clients who have turned their lives around using our methods, confirms our strategies work,” says Estella and Kate.

Mint Nutrition, 22A Jervois Road, Ponsonby,

Estella Leek, E:, M: 021 277 2234,

Kate Syers, E:, M: 021 550 042,