My Favourite Room: Jayne Collier

“I was born a mainlander, but lived overseas in Asia and the United Kindgom for about 10 years before coming back to New Zealand to raise my son.

"My favourite room is my courtyard. Most of the year we barbecue and dine out here. There is an overhang from the upstairs apartment that gives shelter. There is something extremely relaxing about eating outside, almost like you're on holiday. It's also a great spot to sit in the sun and enjoy a glass of wine while reading.

"Living in a small apartment can be claustrophobic, but having this great outdoor area gives me more choices and being in such a quiet area it's so peaceful while still feeling the energy of the city. I grew up in the country so having an outdoor area was a non-negotiable for me when looking at apartments. This is the perfect size and with no gardening!

"My favourite things in the room? I love the hanging chair, its partner is on the rear balcony. I bought them both on TradeMe for a steal. The hardest part was getting them in the car! Everybody who sits on them immediately feels like relaxing, especially when they start rocking.”