A.I. and Photography converge @ Studio One Toi Tū

A.I. and Photography converge in an exhibition of new work that challenges the conventions of portraiture and photo-realism. Legacy - by Jon Carapiet. A series of portraits of 'the greats' of our time.

Using A.I. that re-animates old photos to bring them to life, Legacy explores themes of celebrity and power in the modern world. The pictures challenge the conventions of both photography and portraiture. They create a new perspective on time, remembrance and the traditional role of photography as 'memento mori'.

These works were all once photographs, some old, some new and specific for this project. But what are they now? They have become truly 'hybrid' images. AI and more than 30 image altering apps have been used in various combinations to evolve photos, transparencies and digital creations into new generations. The work continues Lyall's history of hybridisation and cross-boundary play in installation, photography, performance, drawing, writing and poetry.

What - Exhibition of new Photography.

Where - Studio One Toi Tū, 1 Ponsonby Road.

When - 25 November - 30 November.

Who – Jon Carapiet, John Lyall.

Free - public gallery open 8 am-10 pm - closed Sunday.

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Published: November 2023