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Our cover this month features Special Group, a Kiwi creative company who have recently been named ‘Global Creative Agency of the year’.

They have recently relocated their business to Ponsonby Road, in the old Whitecross building. Astute renovation spotters might have noticed the bright ‘Special’ sign sitting atop a brand-new three-story building on the corner of Ponsonby and Franklin Roads – but wondered what was behind the stark white façade.

Patrón Spring Laneways are bringing spring magic with tequila inspired cocktails to Ponsoby Central during October.

There is excitement over in Ariki Street's European Antiques where their containers have arrived. The new arrivals are being uploaded daily but they highly recommend scheduling a showroom visit.

In her fashion feature, Helene Ravlich says, “the ultimate statement in sustainable style, buying pre-loved, second-hand and vintage clothing has never been more attractive.”

Please remember to have your say later this month and vote on Saturday 14 October. (JAY PLATT & MARTIN LEACH)

Correction from Cr Julie Fairey: In his Septermber column last month, Cr Mike Lee made a few mistakes so I’d like to clarify that Cr Julie Fairey did not own Auckland Airport shares through a trust when she voted on the Mayor’s proposal to sell council’s shareholding. Her husband had sold his small shareholding by the time of the vote on Friday 9 June, and had already committed to giving the full proceeds of the sale to charity, which has since happened.

Mike Lee responds: My very brief reference to Cr Fairey and the JM Fairey Family Trust in September’s Ponsonby News was made in good faith based on widespread media reports and Cr Fairey's own formal statement at the start of the council meeting of 8 June. In this, she stated she had made two 'mistakes' in her declaration of interests, relating to Auckland Airport shares owned by her husband, and "indirectly through a trust that I [Cr Fairey] am a beneficiary of.” See

One can only assume, that just as Michael Wood reportedly sold his shares on that same day, so did the JM Fairey Family Trust. On that basis therefore when the council meeting extended on to 9 June and voting took place, I must accept that the JM Fairey Family Trust did not own shares in Auckland International Airport. My point was that the council had already cleared Cr Fairey to participate and vote regardless.

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Published: September 2023














#ponsonbynews #iloveponsonby #ponsonby #auckland #aucklandshippestrip #onlyponsonby #ponsonbyroad #Greylynn #freemansbay #westmere #ponsonby #hernebay #stmarysbay #archhill #coxsbay

Published: September 2023