Hakanoa Handmade Goodies

Rebekah Hay has a stall at Grey Lynn Farmers Market once a month (second Sunday of the month) with her handmade selection of goodies.

LIME & CHILLI GINGER BEER - A crisp refreshing soft drink, perfect as is for the designated driver, or great with vodka for the non-drivers in the group.

GINGER SYRUP - A versatile ginger concentrate beloved by chefs everywhere. Peter Gordon makes cocktails with it, we just pour it on ice-cream!

GINGER LEMON & MANUKA HONEY SYRUP - For people with busy lives. Dilute 1 to 10 with hot water for the perfect Ayurvedic start to your day.

SPICY CHAI SYRUP - Authentic Rajistani spiced tea concentrate for a perfectly balanced spicy chai latte.

SWEET CHAI SYRUP - Gorgeous spiced tea concentrate for a richly decadent chai latte.

SUGAR-FREE CHAI SYRUP - Completely unsweetened concentrate, with no nasty fake sugars to spoil the blend of fresh spices and organic black tea.

DRY GINGER BEER - Real proper ginger beer, just like homemade - and not overly sweet. A lovely quenchy brewed soft drink.

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