William Greig: Introducing Your 2022 Mayoral Candidates

The date of 8 October is just around the corner; it’s time to consider what kind of person you want to lead Auckland into the future and in a direction in which you would be proud to share with fellow Aucklanders and visitors alike, whether they come from Invercargill or New York City.

Here’s my, ‘Vote for someone who’…
· has genuine love for this city.
· can inspire, not divide.
· has a clear vision which incorporates the aesthetic with any (wo)man inspired city developments.
· backs fresh ideas.
· has both a local and international perspective.
· isn’t averse to change.
· relishes all forms of diversity.
· isn’t motivated by the sole pursuit of the mighty dollar.
· won’t be easily swayed by old established vested interests.
· will call out all forms of racism or bigotry.
· will promote a safer walkable and cyclable city.
· understands the total necessity of a cleaner environment.

Here are your nine mayoral candidates, in alphabetical order.
· Craig Lord
· Efeso Collins
· Gary Brown
· John Lehmann
· Leo Molloy
· Michael Morris
· Ted Johnston
· Viv Beck
· Wayne Brown

Your task, should you decide to accept it, is to find out who aligns with your own values.

And if you want more try to match a candidate with who said the following?

Use Uncle Google.
· Better public transport is a priority.
· Council is top heavy with overpaid managers.
· Cut export ties with China.
· I’m limiting my election hoardings to help the environment.
· No more roads.
· No to emission targets.
· Paint the harbour bridge blue.
· Prosecute parents of young gang offenders.
· Public transport should be free.

And if you want even more try to match a candidate with the following:

Who is …
· a former mayor of the Far North.
· a freelance videographer and a marriage celebrant.
· a Manukau Ward councillor.
· an animal rights advocate.
· an ex-bar owner.
· an ex-butcher and friends of Pauline Hanson.
· chair of Hibiscus and Bays Local Board.
· Heart of The City chief executive.
· Leader of the New Conservative Party.

Get to know your candidates better and don’t waste your vote. Talk to family, friends, and Uncle Google. (William Greig)


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