Streaming Guide May 2022

There is still so much local content to seek and enjoy this autumn.

Three’s reputation for crowd pleasers, supporting great local comedy and entertainment continues with the latest season of 7 Days and the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

TVNZ’s Sunday is probably already ‘must see viewing’ for many Ponsonby News readers but if you’ve missed any of the shows during April you’ll have some touching and thought provoking stories to catch up on. Amazon Prime launches its second season of the edgy and satisfying psychological teen thriller; The Wilds. Filmed here in Aotearoa there is a familiar vibe to the wild West Coast locations and it's ready to stream from 6 May. Netflix has unleashed the disconcertingly charming second season of Bridgerton for the hopeless romantics, while there is no known local link, everyone can appreciate a little escapist romanticism right?

Dancing with the Stars
Sequins, sashaying steps and Lance Savali take Dancing with the Stars up a few more steps ramping the entertainment value to the next level. Who will win is anyone’s guess but even after just one episode it’s easy to develop your own favourite. Will it be comedian Eli Matthewson with Johnny, the first all male dancing partnership who the judges have already scored well? Or will there be a surprise? Someone who no one expects to be a captivating twinkle toes.

Former Bachelorette, Alex Vaz, is already head, shoulder and chest above the others giving a real boost to his charity Gumboot Friday. The resourceful Kerre Woodham must already have many fans across radio and print to support her and her charity, Starship Foundation. It's anyone’s guess and that is half the fun. No one needs to take it too seriously and everyone’s efforts support a worthy range of charities including: Eric Murray dancing for Autism NZ, Brodie Kane dancing for Assistant Dogs New Zealand, Eli Mathewson dancing for Outline, Jazz Thornton dancing for Youthline, David Letele, Just Move (BBM), Rhys Mattewson dancing for the Fred Hallows Foundation.

You are literally doing good by watching. Easy entertainment on a Saturday night (though it’s on-demand via ThreeNow so you can really watch it whenever because even spoilers don’t ruin the fun). 3.5 stars

7 Days
Faithfully funny and always quite clever 7 Days has a revolving feast of the country’s best comedic talent. Never boring and often full of insightful quips hidden in humour, this is a formula that has stood the test of time. Helmed by Jeremy Corbett, it has maintained its relevance for over a decade and has consistently drawn in younger audiences with new faces and diverse perspectives. 3.5 stars

Amazon Prime

The Wilds, Season 2
Season 2 of this successful young adult thriller continues the story with the reveal of the ‘control group’, a cohort of teen boys that tick all the stereotypical American high-school archetypes and have been selected by Gretchen Kline (played by the incredible Juliet Lewis) to prove that women are better. Better at surviving, better at creating social systems and just better at being human. While Gretchen’s motivation is compelling, even understandable - the patriarchal system is indeed flawed and corrupt. The problem is more complex. It is virtually impossible not to become invested in the emotional journey of these complex and nuanced teens. They may seem like adolescent cliches on the surface, but rarely is anyone that simple. Twists and turns with some high stakes thrills mean this modern day teen version of Lost loses none of its original appeal in season 2.
4 stars

TVNZ on Demand

While Sunday is probably still ‘must see’ viewing for those who still watch TV ONE on a traditional television set, there may still be some who are yet to discover (or need to rediscover) this flagship current affairs show. Presented by a team of talented journalists, including Grey Lynn local Miriama Kamo, Sunday is a weekly dose of rich, diverse and well told stories that cover almost every aspect of life in Aotearoa. The big and the small, the joyful and the tragic, this is a team who never seems afraid to canvas the tough or gruelling stories.

Sunday enriches our lives in a way journalism should, with well researched long form investigative stories that keep us informed and shows an empathetic ear for what should matter to us. 4 stars


Shonda Rhimes's second season of Bridgerton is complete with scandal, steamy scenes, sensational soundtracks and luscious costuming. It won’t disappoint those who love this genre, but neither will it give you a profound understanding of anything specific. Not without controversy, Bridgerton again pushes boundaries rearranging history and cultural mores to enhance the story and shake things up in a way that still feels fresh. 3.5 stars