Seabin Project: Aiming for 100 cities worldwide

Seabin is an innovative Australian inspired project to clean up pollution in harbours around the world.

Their philosophy is that both clean-up and prevention of marine litter are needed to help keep our oceans clean. But even more important is the data involved with understanding and addressing the problem in the first place.

Seabin says it has already achieved proof of concept via the 12-month Sydney City Pilot which followed five years of technical research and development.

This year Seabin have kicked off their 100 cities campaign with the aim of going truly global. They are offering a 5-in- 1 package of data monitoring, impact reporting, identifying causes of pollution, community awareness programmes, and marine debris removal to cities around the world.

Seabin already have 860 seabins in place, capturing 3,612kg of waste a day; nearly two and a half million kg has been captured to date. CEO, Peter Ceglinski, said their goal is to have 100 cities working toward cleaner oceans by 2050.

“I believe those 100 cities can change the world,” says Ceglinski.

This project deserves scrutiny and could be a good fit with Auckland Harbour. We should look for sponsors to set up a trial one here. The amount of mainly plastic pollution being removed in Sydney was huge.

Seabin is potentially a game-changer world-wide and New Zealand must get involved. (JOHN ELLIOTT) PN

Here is a contact email for Fallon White.

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Published 3 December 2021