Urban Collective lodges resource consent of historic Ponsonby Road site

Auckland-based property development company Urban Collective has lodged a resource consent application for the enhancement and development of a 1,869m2 site at 286-304 Ponsonby Road.

The Pompallier on Ponsonby proposal sits at a strategic intersection above Three Lamps and realises the potential of the iconic corner site and its adjacent historic two-level brick buildings.

Urban Collective acquired the site late 2019 for $28M and has spent the past 18 months working with Fearon Hay Architects designing an urban response for the community that embraces its heritage and thoughtfully integrates a combination of 1117m2 high end retail and hospitality, 1664m2 commercial spaces and 14 boutique residential apartments between 85m2 (1 brm) - 400+m2 (3 brm).

The collaborative efforts of project partners Urban Collective, Fearon Hay, Paul Brown Architects, Boffa Miskell and LandLab take great care to retain and protect the heritage buildings in a way that maintain key features including the service laneway structures, shopfronts, canopies and internal partitions as well as the historic character of the buildings cornering Ponsonby Road and Cowan Streets. The existing two levels are to be upgraded and re-occupied in a contemporary mix of retail and commercial use. An additional third level, which sits under the 13m height control, is set back from the parapet and will remain visually subservient to the heritage building.

The laneways established to the west and north of the existing heritage buildings separate a new structure to occupy the Ponsonby Pompallier corner. Ground level retail frontages continue the character of the street with commercial and residential occupation of the levels above.

The plan will deliver a revitalisation of the northern end of Ponsonby Road. Kelly McEwan, Development Director, Urban Collective Limited explains,

"In collaboration with the award-winning Fearon Hay and Paul Brown Architects, Urban Collective is excited to announce our most ambitious and transformational project yet.

“Rising atop of College Hill at the northern end of Ponsonby Road, we're set to deliver a genuine architectural landmark to revitalise and reshape the Three Lamps area and redefine the Auckland skyline.

“Offering high-end apartment living along with premium retail, hospitality, civic and workspaces, we're channelling Ponsonby's progressive spirit — through the prism of contemporary design and cutting-edge global culture — to create a precinct of quality, sustainability and character; a vibrant destination where people and communities come together in meaningful ways."

The design creates public laneways connecting Ponsonby Road, Cowan Street and Pompallier Terrace, congregating at a compact new urban square for indoor/outdoor dining, community recreation and entrances to apartments. The design approach is inspired by the existing Ponsonby Road heritage retail frontages, with features such as recessed entrance ways, raised sills, finely framed shop-front windows and the character of vertical modulation.

Jeff Fearon, founder of Fearon Hay architects with Tim Hay, says the energy, history and enduring character of Three Lamps inspired the project, “Fearon Hay focuses attention on detail and context. In an urban environment, we look for a design response that creates opportunities of movement through and around active built form. The response seeks to reinforce and respect enduring qualities of the existing environment, while bringing new opportunities for architecture and creation of place on the Ponsonby ridge line.

“In this design collaboration with Urban Collective, we see the opportunity for a truly mixed-use development of a key site that can further anchor the energy of Three Lamps precinct. This response sees the establishment of new urban laneway connections, a viable mix of retail, commercial and residential uses, and the inclusion and upgraded re-occupation of historic Ponsonby Road retail structures.”

Urban Collective has confirmed Ray White Damerell Group will be taking space for commercial offices for up to 100 team members, retail and auction rooms. Managing director of Ray White Damerell Group in Ponsonby, Gower Buchanan states, “We’re excited to be part of such a significant regeneration project in an area that we are so passionate about. Working with a team who have such an impressive catalogue of works is a privilege”.

Kelly McEwan shares his enthusiasm to develop this iconic site with Auckland’s design leaders, “We're thrilled to have such respected, talented partners together on this and look forward to working together to bring this to life in line with the resource consenting process.”

Expressions of interest via  https://www.urbancollective.co.nz/

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