Brew Run – Our new local fresh coffee delivery service by Atomic

Atomic Coffee Roasters opened its doors on Ponsonby Road in 1992.

Originally, they were the scruffy kids, pumping out live music and top-notch coffee from between fine-dining restaurants.

In 1995 they made the move to Kingsland to secure a larger area for their growing coffee roasting and café business. They’ve become an integral part of this creative, eclectic community ever since.

If you live locally, you would have most likely visited their café or even purchased some fresh coffee for your home. But now there is a new, exciting, ecofriendly way for you to have the freshest Atomic coffee delivered to your home - Brew Run.

Brew Run is Atomics’ full-service, coffee delivery experience; you’ll order coffee via the Brew Run app and the next weekday, a reusable canister filled with freshly roasted coffee will be delivered to your door.

Like the ‘old school’ milk bottle run, they will collect empty canisters to be refilled - a more sustainable way to deliver coffee and delivery that is free. This is the first refillable canister fresh coffee delivery service in New Zealand.

“We wanted to create a truly personalised service, one where we look after our coffee from roast, right through to the delivery to your door. A service that ensures you receive the freshest coffee, which tastes the best, and one that is better for the environment,” says Casey Deane, General Manager of Atomic Coffee Roasters.

Initially Atomic will deliver coffee to the 8,000 locals and businesses that sit within a 2km radius of the Kingsland Roastery. “Delivery is a new territory for us, so we are starting with a confined area, servicing the locals that we love and who have supported us for so many years,” says Deane.

Post Covid, online ordering and home delivery has seen a dramatic increase. Through Brew Run, Atomic aims to deliver something simple and differentiated in this space.

“We’ve developed a bespoke app with our digital partners Putti. We plan to continue to evolve the service levels via our app and we also want to expand our delivery area in early 2022.”

Atomic has a clear focus on sustainability. All their takeaway packaging, including cups, lids, cutlery, and containers is 100% compostable and made from sustainable sources, with no fossil fuels or plastic. They also offer a discount to customers who get their takeaway coffee in a reusable cup, and they have started to deliver to their wholesale customers in reusable 10kg coffee pails. It’s a long road, but they are aiming to be zero waste to land fill by 2025 and the Brew Run canisters are another good step forward in this goal.

Visit if you’d like to know more.


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