Local fashion: RUBY unleashes its Visions

As the year progresses, local favourite RUBY Visions has arrived to evolve with the ever-changing you – and your trans seasonal wardrobe.

RUBY Creative Director, Deanna Didovich calls new collection, Visions “a shift in pace; it’s about putting on the rose-tinted glasses and testing the waters”. Visions embodies a fresh outlook, with clever, new-fangled silhouettes, redefined RUBY favourites and a sense of newness effortlessly stitched through each piece. Visions has been crafted with several stellar stand-out pieces too, in the form of the Jude print in an animal swirl, the sheer Gene mesh styles, the androgynous Rae silhouette and cosy new knitwear, seen in the Kenzie and Jude styles for the cooler autumn months ahead.

Deanna says, “We created Visions to encourage RUBY fans to step outside of their comfort zones. To experiment with new silhouettes, while feeling confident in doing so. Of course, the collection features a few classic RUBY staples reworked in trans seasonal designs.”

RUBY Visions is about exploring your imagination; it’s about moving away from your usual. It’s also a great way to get excited about the cooler weather and longer nights, one beautiful new look at a time.


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