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Grey Lynn & Around is on a mission to become Auckland’s number one values-led business destination with sustainability at our core.

We support and promote the vitality, prosperity and sustainability of the businesses and our communities by creating a positive and vibrant environment. How are we actually turning this into reality in 2021?

For the food, hospitality, creative and arts community we are well into working with Auckland Unlimited in delivering the Grey Lynn & Around portion of the ELEMENTAL food festival. This festival runs for two weeks from July 14-31 and we have two key ideas all tied in under the brand Grey Lynn Naturally.

Our first thought builds on last year’s food festival and gets bars, restaurants, and cafés to design and create something which really reflects good wholesome, natural ethically sourced foods and create dishes or goodies which reflect these core sustainability values.

The second thought is to build on Auckland’s growing night food truck orientated markets which develop food experiences from around the world while staying at home. These night markets would attract buskers, entertainers and we’d have a venue where art and other creative crafts could be sold. As we say, these thoughts have been put to Auckland Unlimited and we are really looking forward to positive engagement and delivery. We have a team of people already chomping at the bit to get on with it.

Building on the art creative theme we will be back partnering with ARTWEEK 2021 scheduled for 9 - 17 October. This means we would like to hear from artists and creatives who would like to participate. In particular we are wanting to build on our Papatuanukua Floral and Fauna theme and really encourage the development of innovation techniques around the use of natural materials to create and enhance our materials.

If you’re down in West Lynn you’ll see some of the metal birds are still in place from last year and there’s art for sale at Postal Service (Sharelene Ferguson) and Big Sur (Jessica). However this year we do have some exciting new venues plus we are working on developing some biking options from galleries, street art and cafés. Pretty much all in its formative stage but if you want to become involved please contact us on info@greylynn-around.com.

Our third project is around bringing out that village vibe in everything we do. The best way at the present time is to really try and influence the decision makers to support our village vibe concept. We’ve had some steps forward, especially with Waitemat-a Board who have accepted that the concept of village should replace “town centre”. But we’ve also been halted. The remedial work in West Lynn has been delayed again for good reason and while it’s not that we don’t have widespread support for a replant of the West Lynn village in bright vibrant bee friendly plants we’re not quite there yet. We’ve also said to AT that we want to re-cycle any or all of the plants out of West Lynn to new sites in Grey Lynn.

Late last year we started our greening project in Grey Lynn. The plants are doing amazingly well after some had an inauspicious start but now we want to get on with the project and really start brightening up this area. We’re on the lookout for some partners in this project, so if you’re interested please contact us.

Annoying that the disruptive forces of Covid-19 have temporarily stuck again, but we are working on an amazing reschedule of our business accelerator event so hopefully there will be pictures from that event next month.


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