Streaming Guide for March

Escape to worlds mystical and imagined or stay grounded in idyllic settings that seem alluringly real and hopeful.

Whether you feel more comfortable confronting reality or escaping it in another realm, content creators the world over have you covered. There is a story with a pace and style to suit any mood you may have.


Virgin River
Described by one critic as a grown up Dawson’s Creek this romantic soap opera style series is like a comfy pair of slippers. It’s not designed for a fast paced journey, rather it’s a gentle sojourn that draws you into the lives of easily likeable characters.

Starring New Zealand’s own Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan (Shortland Street, Grey’s Anatomy, Secrets and Lies) Virgin River is the story of an emotionally broken woman, Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, escaping LA and a past marred by tragedy.

It’s no surprise that things don’t go smoothly and as Mel tries to fit into small town life we learn about her tragic past. Set in a fictional town well before the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a story about human relationships and the simple drama of living. It’s not high stakes, it’s not fast paced, but sometimes you don’t need high heels or running shoes to get where you need to go.
3.5 stars



Disney+ keeps getting more and more interesting. The latest Marvel mystery fusion, WandaVision is one that demands some commitment on the part of the viewer. It’s definitely a slow burn kind of story, but it has all the markings of a bright light that will shine like a cult classic.

You won’t be alone if after the first or even second episode you still have no idea what is going on or where the quirky narrative is heading. But don’t worry you won’t get bored, this is a highly entertaining story filled with clever dialogue and an enchanting 60s sitcom set, reminiscent of shows like Bewitched and The Brady Bunch. With a strong sense of the mystery and a slightly subversive Truman Show vibe, you are sure to be hooked by Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) -- two super-powered beings trying to fit in.
4 stars


TVNZ OnDemand

The Walkers
In this high energy local reality show, featuring the incredibly talented and successful Stan Walker, whanau are celebrated as the most important thing of all. It’s a show many have tried to compare with Keeping up with the Kardashians but that’s a comparison Walker himself has been quick to correct, stating that this show and his whanau have little in common with the Kardashians except perhaps their size. After watching the first episode, it’s easy to see how the show will gather a loyal following of fans keen to be welcomed into Stan’s larger than life whanau. The Walkers is full of characters who are bound to be world famous in New Zealand before long.

The music is of course sublime and the show is more than just light entertainment; it yields an intimate insight into the life of a local super star who has somehow managed to keep his feet firmly on the whenua and retain his unique sense of self.

3.5 stars



Discovery of Witches
Season 2 of this romantic mystical escapism dropped on Neon at the start of the year and proves again that magic, vampires, witches and romance continue to be an intoxicating mix.

While this genre is not every critics cup of tea, most agree the chemistry of actors Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer is eerily masterful, and with the addition of an incredibly realistic set of 16th century England the show still has more to offer.

The stakes are high, the tension extreme and the romance rose–tinted true love. If that’s not the ultimate in escapism, nothing is.
3 stars