Greetings from our editors

I know it’s February but with our first issue of the year, we’d like to wish everyone a very happy New Year.

Our readers have been busy and there are seven letters to the editor this month – all on separate issues.

During early December there was not one but two fires in Ponsonby. The first fire was at the iconic St Stephen’s Ponsonby Church building on Jervois Road. Following the church fire, another struck Ponsonby Intermediate a few days later.

The church fire appears to have started under the floor of the Shelley Beach facing nave and travelled up into the roof cavity where the most damage has been done. St Stephen’s have started a give-a-little page and would appreciate any support.

The Rainbow Pride Parade is returning to the Ponsonby strip this February 2021 and coming together to celebrate diversity, unity, respect and inclusion has never been more important. The parade starts at 5.30pm and it will follow with the street festival immediately afterwards.

Many of us lament the fact that kids seem to be getting older younger, but the flip side is that adults are staying younger longer. With life expectancy in New Zealand increasing by almost 20% every two years it is little wonder that more people are continuing to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities well into their later years. We talked to members of the West End Tennis Club, Herne Bay Petanque Club, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and the Ponsonby Cruising Club to find out what those over 65 can expect.

We have a new ‘foodie’ columnist. Local resident Sofia Roger Williams will be writing some plant-based food reviews starting with Khu Khu Vegan Thai in Ponsonby Road. The owner Michael Khuwattenasenee is pictured on our front cover this month. For both vegans and those who are not, Khu Khu is definitely one to visit, she tells us.

This issue, Helene Ravlich looks at skin and wellness trends to embrace this year. It’s safe to say that for many of us, our usual wellness routines went out the window in 2020. We were locked out of the gym and yoga studios and forced to cancel our long-term plans for wellness retreats.

Please welcome Doctor360 - a new service for Ponsonby. With the closure of White Cross several of their team have set up shop almost opposite. Doctor360 is a medical clinic that specialises in delivering a 360 degree wrap-around service for patients; this ranges from urgent medical care, injuries and accidents, to specialist services such as men’s health, skin clinics, cosmetic medicine and women’s health.

Don’t forget to get all romantic on Sunday 14 February - it’s Valentine’s Day! (MARTIN LEACH)

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