La Mexicana - new to Grey Lynn

It might be only a few weeks old, but the La Mexicana in Grey Lynn is already starting to make a name for itself.

“It all started as a little idea to show people what Mexican food really tasted like. My partner Fletcher and I wanted to do it for years, but it was only in 2020 that we finally decided to take the plunge.”

In terms of menu, Marco decided early on to move away from what people thought of as Mexican food and instead focused on more traditional tacos and tortillas.

“We make our own tortillas, using dough, made from the freshest New Zealand corn. They're made in house that way; our customers know what a real tortilla is.”

Some people will definitely be let-down when they come in expecting to see their favorite dishes; but Marco’s determined to keep things 100% genuine.

“I want to show people how our food really is, so they’ll taste it and walk away with a better understanding of what a taco really tastes like.”

“I could either give in to their expectations or stick to my guns and show them what our cuisine is like, and how we eat it.”

Risky, but it’s a move that really seems to have paid off, with La Mexicana quickly gaining a small but loyal following.

“The response from our customers has been overwhelming, New Zealanders come in, and they love it. Members of the Mexican community try our food, and tell me they’ve finally found a place that sells real tacos!”

LA MEXICANA, 572 Great North Road. To make a phone order call them on T: 09 360 1623,

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