Holiday Streaming Guide 2020

Get into the spirit with some light hearted fun and watch a Christmas movie with the kids or seek out the many platforms where you can find exceptional Kiwi talent both in front of and behind the camera.

There is so much to watch these days we often find ourselves binge watching a series!


The Christmas Chronicles 2
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn play Mr and Mrs Claus with New Zealand’s own Julian Dennison (Hunt for the WilderPeople) as Belsnickel Santa’s disgruntled former elf protégé. Belsnickel has a Christmas tree sized chip on his shoulder and is out to take the sleigh reins off Santa for good. Kate, the heroine from the first Christmas Chronicles movie, is full of Christmas spirit making her just the girl for the job. With genuine onscreen chemistry, Indiana Jones style action, and enough offbeat irreverent humour to balance out the Christmas sentimentality, this is a Christmas movie that will keep you entertained and make your heart glow.
4 stars

TVNZ onDemand

Anika Moa Reunited
As a host Anika is absolutely captivating to watch; her questions are delivered with a combination of vulnerable angelic innocence and perceptively wicked humour. Her guests are drawn in by and shine, in the easy fun conversational style she creates as she asks them questions and teases (literally) out their story. This show is a delightful palate cleanser - resetting your mind and reminding you just how incredibly talented and down to earth our Kiwi musicians of years gone by are.
4.5 stars

With the talented Anna Paquin starring as Robyn, a PR pro who is becoming more and more jaded by her somewhat shallow life, Flack has a good dose of dry humour and some bigger story arcs that will keep watchers interested and smiling. Robyn’s life thrives on a matrix of lies and deception that has her questioning whether it is just her inherent nature that causes her to make the questionable choices she does or the world she works in. Part tortured soul, part pragmatist Robyn’s character is slowly revealed through her management of a range of tabloid style celebrity scandals. As she works her spin doctoring magic she is forced to face the flaws and problems in her own life.
3 stars


The Wilds
Filmed in New Zealand and starring the talented Rachel Griffiths, this dystopian young adult drama series is due out on Amazon Prime on 11 December 2020. With the first episode free to stream for a limited time this female coming of age story with a twist is worth checking out.
Star rating pending


The Sounds
Moody and disconcerting, The Sounds is a watchable mystery thriller set in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. With breathtaking scenery (that includes locations North of Auckland) and a great cast, this Canadian/Kiwi series is worth investing a little time in. Rachel Lefervre, Matt Whelan, Peter Elliot, Vanessa Rare, Tainui Tukiwaho and Tandi Wright are just a few of the talented actors who ensure this show isn’t just relying on picturesque landscapes to make it captivating. As the tagline suggests, the layers run deep.
3.5 stars