The vision at St Columba, Grey Lynn

Every Friday for three years now, St Columba has been a haven for members of the local community by providing manaaki, a safe place and a hot lunch.

And now, St Columba's vision is to reconfigure its Community Centre to ensure it will perform to its full potential not only for the continuation of the Friday haakari, but for the many individuals and groups who use the facility - for classes for adults and children, counselling, advocacy, music, dance, public meetings, sport, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and exhibitions.

With the hall and front deck upgraded, a commercial standard kitchen, and a reconfiguration of the bathroom facilities to house individual, all-gender toilets and a shower, the St Columba Community Centre will be well-positioned to serve the local community for decades to come.

Rev'd Brent Swann, vicar of St Columba, says, "We have received generous offers of expertise and skills for this vision, and now is the right time for us to begin our planning in earnest. The Corona virus has held us up for months, and we are excited to see the path open up before us now."

St Columba would be grateful to hear from people with design, architecture and building trade expertise who are willing to provide encouragement and guidance to help set this project in motion. Telephone Rev'd Brent on 021 0228 5114.

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