John Elliott: Why hasn’t NZ banned glyphosate like more than 21 countries already have?

We help to feed the world. We send the best of agricultural foods all over the globe, and yet the corrupt Environmental Protection Agency won’t protect that food by banning the carcinogenic chemical roundup, containing the poisonous glyphosate, from New Zealand.

On 24 June they announced a US$10.9 billion pay out to people who have been harmed by glyphosate, effectively an admission of guilt.

New Zealand government authorities and contractors and local authority contractors are still using glyphosate Roundup throughout our environment and in public spaces including around schools.

Many of the adverse health outcomes from use of glyphosate products are in the public realm. Long-time owner of glyphosate injected products, Monsanto, recently sold or merged with German giant Bayer. The conglomerate now faces thousands of lawsuits, and can expect payouts of many billions.

Our EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has taken its lead for far too long from the corrupt US EPA. The US EPA has engaged in deceptive marketing campaigns, misinformation and outright lying for years.

Why can’t our government take counsel from the world’s leading cancer experts who have labelled glyphosate as ‘a probable carcinogen’.

Finally, billions of dollars worth of clean green agricultural products are at risk because of corporate fraud. (JOHN ELLIOTT)

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