Ponsonby Pop up art exhibition for the month of September

The artists are Daniel Tippett resident mural artist, his best work is a huge mural currently at the Grey Lynn RSA and Tracey Tawhiao, is a contemporary Māori artist. Originally planned for April but Covid came and so like everyone they had to postpone.

1. When you are in lockdown and can’t go out and about art can let you see beyond your four walls into abundance, into nature, into space, into abstraction where all things can been seen.

2. The creativity in life being transformed into an object is the magic of someone’s inner vision becoming expressed in the outer world. Art is a vision and during these times visions heal the soul.

3. Art is very personal and no two art pieces are the same, this unique identity makes art a powerful reminder of how diverse life is. It’s not just one thing. It is many different and personal expressions.

Essentialise is an exhibition that asks us to accept what is essential and what is not. What matters and what does not. This helps us create a much stronger community and country. We all learnt what was truly essential in lockdown. Now waste is no longer an option, and money for money’s sake is less appealing. Goods with no intrinsic value are no longer important. Papatuanuku is asking us what is essential to our life, because if it’s not essential maybe it’s just wasteful and adding more toxic waste to the environment. It’s also about having and using the good stuff now, don’t wait.

Daniel Tippett is a mural artist from Ponsonby. His large mural at the Grey Lynn RSA is infamous. Plus multiple murals all over NZ. His father was the famous Ponsonby potter, Warren Tippett. Daniel is also a very talented oil painter of NZ flora and fauna, as well as prints and detailed native bird paintings.

Tracey Tawhiao is a painter, poet and has been a full time artist for 20 years. She paints on a variety of mediums but loves to use recycled materials as much as a canvas. Her works are in collections all over the world and most recently, in the Beijing Biennale in China, she has had several successful exhibitions in Paris.

This exhibition will hold a number of art salons each Friday over the month of September. These are late night events with guest Artists such as Tame Iti, Natasha Keating, George Nuku, Shona Tawhiao and others. The opening celebration is on Friday 28 August. The gallery hours are 10am - 6 pm Monday - Friday, 10am-3 pm Saturday.

ESSENTIALISE, 170 Ponsonby Road

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