Seismic Performance has retrofitted many of Ponsonby’s historic landmark buildings

Having an earthquake prone building is daunting to say the least.

Seismic Performance Limited is a family owned and operated business. Run by a farther, daughter team. Specializing in the seismic engineering and retrofitting construction, of earthquake prone buildings. Their company are the leaders in the field of seismic engineering and construction. SPL’s point of difference is years of expertise and the ability to save you, the building owner, unnecessary costs.

SPL works predominantly with historic buildings and has seismically retrofitted many of Auckland’s historic landmark buildings. Having currently completed 37 buildings in Ponsonby alone. They keep the buildings tenants in place and work around their businesses, to ensure both landlord and tenant don’t lose any income during the retrofitting process.

They provide their clients with cost effective, fixed price contracts. The engineering designs are sympathetic to the original architecture of the building, paying focus to the original integrity of the structure. We produce engineering design solutions, to retrofit the building to a minimum 34%NBS or 70%NBS level of service.

Seismic Performance Limited can help you remove the earthquake stigma form your building. SPL wants to provide the knowledge, expertise and service to navigate these tough times. Whilst providing you with a service that not only helps you as the landlord but your tenants alike. Seismic Performance Limited is available to meet at any time in order to discuss your earthquake prone building and will provide a free site visit and quote to get you started.

Contact: M: 021 555 333,