Make a feature with floral fabric window coverings

Interior design is about projecting your unique personality and taste onto your furnishings.

Balancing patterns and neutral tones
From colourful floral blooms to bare branches and abstract leaf motifs, there’s a wide range of styles to choose from when it comes to floral fabrics. Regardless of your taste, pay close attention to the scale of the pattern compared to your room and window specifications. Unless your floral fabric window covering is the primary decorative feature of your room, a pattern that is too large in a small room can overwhelm the rest of the décor.

Ensure you tastefully contrast your floral fabric window covering with other elements in the room. When botanical and floral designs are prominent in soft furnishings such as curtains, blinds, cushions, seat pads and/or upholstery, it’s a good idea to maintain neutral for the remaining upholstery.

Coordinating colours
Coordinate the colour scheme of your window coverings with other elements in your room. This could be the colour of the walls, bedspread and any furniture in the space. Do this by layering shades of one colour throughout the room. Alternatively, use a colour wheel to match colours in the room with complimentary or contrasting shades. Dark colours make a room feel cosy and small, while light tones make a room feel larger.

Compliment your window covering choice according to the room. It’s best to maintain a calm environment in bedrooms to promote relaxation and restfulness. Bold or bright colours and patterns can be over-stimulating for these spaces. To create a relaxing atmosphere, choose a subtle pattern that isn’t immediately noticeable. Pair a colour within the pattern with another element in the room for
a cohesive aesthetic.

Where do floral fabric window coverings look best?
There is a floral pattern to suit any room. Select on-trend colours and soft patterns for a sophisticated look that will brighten any room. Choose subtle patterns and fainter colour schemes if you’re nervous about a large design commitment.

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