Reid Group - Local property maintenance company

I talked to Eddie Reid, whose property maintenance company has become very successful and popular in Ponsonby over the last half dozen years.

Tragically Eddie lost his father during the lockdown and could not attend his tangi in Ruatoria. They zoomed the funeral to 80 people.

I asked Eddie some questions, and his answers (somewhat edited) are printed below.

Remind our readers what services your company provides.

Our business comprises builders, painters, gib stoppers, electricians and plumbers. We have been servicing Ponsonby for eight years.

Have you been able to retain all your staff during the lockdown?

Yes. Thanks to the government wage subsidy businesses like mine can support our staff. For Jacinda to make the big decisions she has made, makes me proud to be a New Zealander.

Tell us about the challenges facing small businesses during this pandemic.

Once Level 4 lockdown was announced our work flow stopped. As a business owner that is catastrophic and stress levels go up. My first thoughts were my crew. My business is based on whanau values. My staffs’ morale and mental health were my main priority. Our weekly zoom meetings with the crew were new, but have been fun. We’ve laughed and joked even though we have been unsure what the future holds.

What advice or suggestions would you offer to other local businesses?

Believe we’ll be back to normal soon. Plan now with key staff for the future. Keep your normal routines as much as you can —emails, phone calls to clients.

Any other thoughts for our community?

We must come together in our community, supporting each other, cafes, restaurants — buy local, holiday local. Re-acquaint with neighbours, friends and family.

The most heartbreaking thing about this lockdown has been losing my dad, who died in Ruatoria, and I couldn’t go to his tangi. We zoomed it, which was helpful for family and friends.

I’d like to mention some of my clients who have continued to support me. Aaron and Imogen from Damerell Property Group, Cassidy Construction, Nate and his team from Box Build, and local home owners who continue to request quotes for when we come out of lockdown.

We will get through this.

Eddie Reid is a positive and optimistic local businessman, whose attitudes and values echo those of thousands of New Zealanders who are facing up to this unprecedented pandemic.

If all New Zealanders think and behave like Eddie, with kindness, love, and humility for our fellow humans, we will come out of this even stronger than we went into it. (John Elliott)

Call Eddie for a quote on 021 062 9104.