Grey Lynn Farmers Market will open as usual on Sunday morning

Many people have been asking if the GLFM will be open on Sunday...

Carol Gunn, their manager is making some changes so that you can spread out - we all need a bit more “social distance” at the moment. This means stallholders might not be in their usual spot.

George and the Limes/juice will be in the garden room. And stallholders are stepping up their hygiene practices.

Farmers Markets are an important part of the food distribution network, just as supermarkets are. They remain a great place to get fresh, quality food and support the people who grow and make it. Small businesses need our support.

Also let Carol know if you want to be on a database so that she can send out updates in these rapidly changing times.

Carol is thinking of setting up a market-buddy system so someone can collect food on behalf of others.

They also need you to help by staying home if you are unwell (no matter how minor). Get a neighbour to collect things for you if you can't come in person.

If you want stallholders details so that you can pre-order, email

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