Grow green and soothe your mind

The festive holidays are over and reality has come crawling back. With a new year comes new resolutions which, for some, will include a new health kick.

For decades, scientists have been studying the health benefits that gardening can provide our minds with and the results have been positive: From a reduction in cortisol levels and the onset of depression, boosted moods and an increase in happiness, to family bonding and community connection. They’ve even found a reduction in anxiety linked to the subconscious inhalation of a healthy bacteria found in soil! In fact, just being exposed to nature can induce these benefits, which means you don’t even need to get your hands dirty. Nature truly is remarkable.

At City Botanics, they are committed to ensuring that our communities never lose sight of this special connection with nature. As our city skyline grows and our outdoor spaces become smaller, their goal is to provide customers with access to their own slice of green happiness, regardless of your gardening experience.

Forget any preconceived notions you may have about achieving
a garden in an apartment, townhouse or small backyard – there are solutions for every situation and City Botanics is ready to transform your space, from design through to installation. They even provide complimentary maintenance follow ups to ensure your new garden stays on track, and to keep you calm.

If you’re committed to reaching those 2020 health goals, take some time to consider your mental health and be kind to your mind. Perhaps plants are the answer to your brain’s happiness.

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