Pets are our family too

Grief doesn’t only affect humans, our beloved pets also feel the loss.

You are more than welcome, in fact we encourage you, to bring your family dog into Sibuns, especially if you are coming to view your loved one. We have witnessed the healing (and totally underestimated) experience this can be for your furry family member.

Let them sit beside the casket, or in the casket (this might depend on size) and they will often lick their face, tails wagging madly, then settle down on them with what seems to be a sense of new understanding.

Family dogs at home will often greet the casket upon arrival and barely leave its side if there’s a strong connection to their human. The power of smell is very strong in a dog and is a primary way in which he understands his world. Items such as worn t-shirts, old slippers and other items that hold scent can become treasured objects to a dog and may offer comfort following the loss of their special companion.

Your dog is more than welcome to attend the funeral if it’s here at Sibuns. If the service isn’t at Sibuns, a lot of churches and other venues are dog friendly, so please talk to us if this is something you would like to do and we can ensure that your furry friend
is accommodated.

Spencer our resident Westie even attends our Christmas Memorial Service, sitting on a chair amongst the guests.

SIBUNS FUNERAL DIRECTORS & ADVISORS, 582 Remuera Road, Remuera, T: 09 520 3119,

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