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GLBA focuses on supporting creatives and sustainable businesses and forging a constructive relationship with AT.

GLBA focuses on supporting creatives and sustainable businesses and forging a constructive relationship with AT.

Research has shown that District 1021 is the creative centre of Auckland with more artists, designers and creatives per head than any other district within the city. The challenge has been to tap into that resource and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

The GLBA worked hard to ensure this year’s Artweek included Grey Lynn. During the week-long event, artists have been active at sites throughout Grey Lynn – Ozone, Wise Boys, Hugs & Mugs plus the design studios/designers of Liz Mitchell, Dalston and Further Doing. Further activities were the Art Sale at Saint Columba Church, supporting the church’s activities, and e-biking activities, supported by Mercury and Lime.

Thank you to all the artists and businesses who were involved in this successful event and to those who came through to support them.

One further exciting development will be the creation of a Grey Lynn poster by local artist Liam Hindley. Liam has produced a concept design which captured the essence of Grey Lynn. Our intent is to use this to promote community events, activities, businesses and services in order to encourage more visitors to experience the true Grey Lynn – so keep an eye out for it!

Consultation with Auckland Transport
GLBA firmly believes that compensating businesses for disruption experienced as a result of infrastructure projects should be a critical consideration for councils and the Government.

We understand the stresses businesses and communities experience when redevelopment plans go wrong. Resolution of the compensation issue would be a big step forward to resolving business pushback on disruptive infrastructure projects.

We have worked hard to have constructive interactions with Auckland Transport (AT) in order to ensure it understands the key issues which impact our local businesses and the community.

As such, clear plans now exist to resolve some of the difficult water ponding and pooling issues caused by changes to the streetscape in West Lynn. New access arrangements for key crossings in West Lynn village have also been successfully resolved.

AT and the GLBA remain committed to working through some of the other outstanding remedial issues and we will be consulted on the proposal for the more extensive urban renewal plans as they emerge and are finalised.

September’s GLBA member networking function attracted significant support from members. Urban Ark advocates Graeme Hill and Paul Whitfield gave a fascinating presentation on controlling rats and the restoration of bird life and native species in the inner city.

They demonstrated the effect a community working together on strategically placed traps can have on birdlife and the importance of local businesses being fully engaged in the process.

We have invited Urban Ark to become part of the work we are doing in making a clean, green Grey Lynn. Bringing birdsong back is a marker for Grey Lynn being the sustainable centre of Auckland. A big thank you to Jesse Mulligan for facilitating our engagement with Urban Ark.

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Thank you and congratulations
We would like to acknowledge both Mike and Pippa for their contribution. Pippa for her constructive and collegial leadership of the Waitemata Board and Mike for his outstanding service to the people of the Waitemata and Gulf Ward. Irrespective of who won the seat, we are extremely fortunate to have two great Aucklanders who have been prepared to contribute so much of their passion and their lives to our great city.

We also congratulate the new board of Adriana Christie, Richard Northey, Alex Bonham, Graeme Gunthorp, Kerrin Leoni, Sarah Trotman and Julie Sandilands and look forward to working with them over the next three years.