What does a ‘quality’ look like in practice?

When contemplating the term ‘quality’, one can conjure up many different definitions, but what does this term mean for us at Bear Park Herne Bay.

For us, quality means having professional, compassionate and skilled teachers who readily acknowledge and support the individuality of all children. It is important that our teachers truly listen to each child’s voice as they eagerly and openly share their ideas and theories with each other. It is through these purposeful interactions with children that a strong sense of value and respect is shared.

Our teachers build meaningful relationships with our children as they fully immerse themselves in the learning process alongside the children. We also believe that our teachers play an integral role in the success of our centre and we value their contributions, ensuring they have endless opportunities for ongoing personal professional development.

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy, acknowledging children as unique free-spirited individuals, inspires us and interweaves beautifully with our New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whaariki. As teachers we explore children’s interests and theories alongside them and celebrate this with respect and joy.

In-depth investigations abound, where children engage in meaningful experimentation of their own theories, hypothesising, testing and analysing their ideas. We recognise that children are capable of learning in many different ways and encourage them to become life-long learners, curious about the world around them, with a good sense of self esteem, self value and a thirst for knowledge.

Quality is visible within Bear Park Herne Bay through our unique and respectful educational environments that offer your child endless opportunities to grow into a competent learner and strong researcher. These unique, intimate, supportive spaces are carefully prepared and richly resourced to encourage your child’s creativity, thinking and individuality.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, the presence of natural and recycled materials encourages a true sense of value and respect in your child for our wider world.

“Childhood should be a magical time of wonderment and learning and at Bear Park Herne Bay this is what we wish to provide for our children each day.” - Beth

To arrange a visit to meet us, contact Beth on hernebay@bearpark.co.nz or phone 09 376 0232, www.bearpark.co.nz

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