Lisa Prager: Who do I vote for?

There is only one question people ask me at Local Election time, “Who do I vote for?”

I do not support their approval of Auckland Transport’s dangerous and badly designed cycleways, nor the local board’s refusal to reinstate tree protection, or the fact that carcinogenic gylsophate continues to be sprayed in our streets, parks and playing fields.

The fact that nearly 60 community groups have banded together to share this common fury demonstrates the collective dissatisfaction with the incumbent local community boards.

We want good governance, that is open and transparent. We want our trees, parks and play areas protected, not cut down and replaced with artificial playing fields.

We want the roads to be shared, not made into unsafe congested arteries. We want publicly owned public transport. We must have a voice at the table to see Watercare, Panuku and Auckland Transport called to heel.

This election you can demand the madness stops and make it clear that your representatives are there for the entire community not just pressure groups like Bike Auckland or Generation Zero.

So, here is our pick for Waitemata: Mike Lee for Auckland Council, Gael Baldock, Allan Matson, Tadhg Stopford, Sarah Trotman, Adriana Christie, Keith McConnell and Greg Moyle for Waitemata Local Board. Vote for the person, not the party!

Lisa Prager, Westmere

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