Happy birthday Irene (Oma)

Born in Bandung Indonesia, Irene has many stories to tell of her life adventures.

To date, Irene (Oma) has had a colourful eight decades (many more to come) of life from restaurant success; aviation catering contracts; television cooking appearances; cooking school teacher; founder and developer of the iconic Ponsonby Foodcourt and property owner which includes her much loved building that she and her husband worked hard to redevelop on Ponsonby Road.

At the end of the day her greatest accomplishment is family. Irene’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren take this opportunity to thank Oma (and Opa) for instilling strong work ethics and values.

“One will reap the rewards of the hard work that they sow.” Oma, sit back and let us take over the reins so you can enjoy the rewards of your hard labour.

Thank you, Oma we love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


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