@ Orex

Tony Lane – Between Heaven and Earth; 2-31 August, opening Friday 2 Auguat 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

What struck me most about Te Kooti’s writing was his profound empathy with his surroundings, both in the geographical sense and in a more general metaphorical way – his shared identity with this world. It led me to think of our contemporary issue of climate change and our part in it. It reminded me of our need to connect with the natural world, the one we alienate ourselves from at our own peril.

These paintings, Between Heaven an Earth, are an attempt to reveal the beauty of the natural world and to reach beyond it to an ideal one, a heavenly one that lies in parallel, on the periphery of our vision.

OREX, 15 Putiki Street, T: 09 378 0588, www.orexart.co.nz