The ultimate spring clean: Getting your home ready for sale

As agents we always see a burst of new listings in the spring.

But if your house doesn’t see much sun over the winter, like many in Auckland, it can sometimes take a bit of work to get it looking back to its best.

The first rule of listing at any time of year is decluttering. Less is always more. Less stuff in the rooms makes them appear more spacious, as well as letting buyers imagine their own lifestyles mapping onto the spaces.

A bit of colour in the bedrooms always helps, with some diffuser sticks for scent in the right places and fruit bowls in the kitchen. Fresh, healthy and well maintained, that’s our vibe people!

The next thing is dryness and warmth, a more important part for people listing in spring. Make sure to air out your rooms as much as possible, steam clean your carpets if they need it, and pay particular attention to curtains. Get them drycleaned if necessary – anything to avoid that damp, musty smell that can turn off potential buyers.

Window sills and panes likewise; go over these carefully to eliminate any signs of mould or damp.

Outdoors can be summed up in three words: ‘Wet and Forget’. Get the water blaster out and clear away the moss on your pavers and decking. Give your cladding a light going over, focusing particularly on the south side of the house. Get those flower beds popping, and if you can, cut some bunches for vases inside. Nothing gives the feeling of a fresh, clean, well-maintained house more than freshly cut flowers.

The final step is to call the best agent you know (ahem, ahem). A good agent is part marketing genius and part project manager... I always roll up my sleeves to get the best price for my customers. (MATT O’BRIEN)

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