An open letter to Ponsonby News, Ponsonby residents and Auckland City Council (ACC), Auckland Transport (AT)

Two separate issues that need addressing. Although I don’t believe ACC actually read or take notice of these letters what may transpire is the residents stand up.


I walk my dog everyday, twice a day most days and over the past year – 18 months what has become noticeable is the lack of attention to the state of our street drains. I’ve made my walking routes alternating to ensure it’s not a one off, however much to my disappointment in almost every street we face unsatisfactory blocked gutters and drains, road construction debris, incomplete works including severe poor quality of works.

The attached photos I’ve taken over the past year tell the story better than words from Sussex St, Ardmore Rd, Islington St, Wanganui Ave, John St, Jervois Rd, West End Rd and in the past year no remediation has taken place.

ACC continue to increase rates which I have no issue with on provisos that the service to our city is upheld. Outsourcing these works to a third party is fine if ACC continually monitor, maintain and remediate issues to ensure we gain the best service we all pay for.

I would ask the question and as you will see from the pictures that these drains will not as they suggest “drain”! - Should non maintained / serviced drains that cause damage to rate payers properties be cause for a larger insurance issue? If ACC has not maintained as set out in the deed of service to the city would a private insurer be liable? Or does the ACC insurance provider have a large liability over its head?


Many stories regarding the changes to parking in the Ponsonby area and a move to paid / coupon parking namely west to the end of Pompeller Terrace.

Did AT discuss with ACC heritage department?
These changes have placed our district plan and zoning overlays into disrepute.

Ardmore Road, Trinity Ave, Wanganui Avenue and Albany Road are our most beloved Avenues with special zoning laws giving them heritage and conservation status.

The facades of these grand homes cannot be touched, fences maintained at certain heights so our people, or visitors can admire these historic masterpieces.

However, AT are ramming cars into these beautiful zones that ensure no matter how beautiful the home or the height of the fence they cannot be admired in the way they deserve. Tight chicanes that once had no parking yellows on either side now removed with cars parked awkwardly, dangerously with visual toxicity.

AT consider our environment, our history and our city beauty. Maintain our streets with the quality of workmanship they deserve, the road island planting that suits the best city in the world to live, work, play and discover.