Work your way

We live in an age of limitless possibilities when it comes to the ways we work.

But finding inspiring work spaces isn’t always easy (or affordable) and working from the kitchen bench isn’t always appropriate when you’re distracted by dishes piling up or need to meet someone important.

Now, there’s YOWO.

YOWO connects you with cool local cafes and bars that welcome workers, allowing you to step out of your home office and into a variety of inspiring spaces that help you make the most out of your working day. Whether you plan to sit there for the day, or just a couple of hours while you wait for traffic to die down, as a member you’ll be welcome to perch yourself at any YOWO-friendly venue across the country. You’ll also get access to high-speed WiFi, charging stations for your laptop and phone, discounts on food and coffee and other great member benefits. You can host meetings, and some YOWO venues even offer private rooms and catering packages for bigger groups.

YOWO is for those who are doing things a little differently, the people feeding off the unique environments in which they work. Perhaps you want a view of the ocean one day when you’re coming up with creative concepts, and a quiet spacious environment the next when you’re in need of deep concentration. Perhaps you want a different space every day of the week, or maybe your style is more about having a comfortable local where you know you’re welcome and can make yourself at home with regularity. With YOWO – it’s your choice.

Monica Yianakis from YOWO says this platform is a win-win for workers and venues. “There are many existing shared office spaces around the country, but we recognised that there are already so many inspiring spaces that are under-utilised during the working day – cafes and bars! Through YOWO, workers can have access to awesome, and varied, work environments all across the country without the astronomic cost associated with many fixed working spaces. With this access, they’re also bringing life and trade to venues during quiet times. We believe it’s going to greatly improve the working life of many Kiwis.”

YOWO is launching in Auckland with over 30 venues across the city, with a national rollout planned from June.

The app is subscription based, priced at $99 per month but the first 200 earlybird members will receive a lifetime special of $50 per month. Find out more and see participating venues at, or download the app on iPhone and Android to start working your way.