Hands-on care

Physio360 NZ was formed with a single vision to provide accessible, quality care to anyone that requires it.

“We are one of very few clinics offering physiotherapy and acupuncture services seven days a week and are available until 8pm on most weekdays. Appointments are easy to obtain through both the phone and an easy to navigate online booking system.”

“We cater to all ages and walks of life, with our youngest client being 4 years old and most senior being 97. We are able to assess and treat a variety of conditions and pathologies, from the common crook neck caused by a misbehaving pillow, to long-term, lower back or neck pain caused by poor posture or prolonged sitting at desk jobs, to post-surgical rehabilitation following joint replacements, or spinal surgeries,” says Sunny Murugan, director and lead physiotherapist.

Physio360 NZ is also involved with New Zealand sports teams. Sunny has been providing physiotherapy care since 2018 for the New Zealand men’s ice hockey team (NZ Ice Blacks) and the Botany Swarm Ice Hockey team.

He added the New Zealand women’s ice hockey team (NZ Ice Fernz) to his repertoire in 2019, and was given the opportunity by the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation to fly around the world in March and April 2019 to attend the World Ice Hockey Championships for both the teams consecutively.