Mayor welcomes confirmation on Auckland Harbour Bridge walk and cycleway

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has welcomed confirmation by the New Zealand Transport Agency that construction of the walk and cycle path across the Auckland Harbour Bridge will start next year.

“It allows choice of travel for commuters, recreational users and tourists and will take pressure off the congested road way.

“I also welcome NZTA’s assurance that the pathway will be wide enough to allow cyclists and walkers to share it and be safe, and that there will be no restrictions on the number of people using it.

“The best news, however, is that we now have a time frame with the announcement that construction will start next year. Like most Aucklanders, I want to see this happen as soon as possible,” Phil Goff said.

North Shore Ward Councillors Chris Darby and Richard Hills said they were pleased to see renewed progress.

“It’s been 12 long years for me, steering this project towards fruition, so I’m relieved to see genuine progress being made. The walking and cycle way over the harbour bridge will be a beacon for biking, a call to Aucklanders to get active and get connected. It will be a ‘what took you so long’ success story,” said Chris Darby.

Richard Hills said, “It’s exciting to have action on this crucial project for our community, it will open up walking and cycling opportunities for our North Shore residents that we have been requesting for decades.

“Whether it’s to and from work during the week or for families to enjoy access over the weekend, it will change the way we get around our community. We look forward to hearing more about the new design and how it connects with Northcote Point and Seapath, but if it aims to enable more space and safety for users, that’s a good start.”