MISSING CAT - anyone seen this beautiful kitten in the O'Neill Street area?

She's a much-loved and missed kitten named Sunday Rose.

Her owner Zoe Alden told us, "I’m a long time Ponsonby resident and I’ve had a dreadful time of late with a missing burmese kitten. She is plastered all over Ponsonby and I just cannot believe that she has not turned up. I’m desperate to get her back. Somebody must know something about this and I’m just so sad without her.

"She’s been gone for three weeks now and we miss her so much. She was only seven months old and loved and adored by so many people in O’Neill Street and Tole Street. I feel sure that someone must know what happened to her which is why getting her story out is so important to me. Since we’ve been on this journey I’m amazed to hear so many stories of disappearing cats in and around Ponsonby. Makes me wonder if there isn’t a wider issue about cat theft going on and I just wish that those microchips had built in GPS sensors too. We’ve reached out to so many community groups and vets, even Maralyn Whall (the psychic in Tole Street) who happened to see the flyer and she sensed very strongly that she’s still alive, living somewhere locally. People have been so kind"

If you've seen Sunday Rose or know where she is please contact the PN office on 09 378 8553.

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