Love affairs with light and space need not compromise on warmth

Our love affair with open-plan living and extensive indoor-outdoor flow is all about blending the boundaries between inside and out, while not sacrificing privacy or comfort.

“Luxaflex Duettes have been a very popular choice with designers and architects over the last few years but aren’t as well known with the general public,” says Susan Brookes, Lahood’s senior design consultant.

Duettes are a blind option specifically developed to meet the demands of leading designers. They are premium, elegant blinds that offer incredible insulation properties due to their honeycomb construction.

“The engineering behind the blind is really clever,” says Susan. “The hollow design gives the blind really good insulating properties, trapping and reducing the flow of warm air, in or out of the home.”

When up to 40% of heat or cold in homes is transferred through windows, a window covering that is well fitted and insulating can make a significant difference. Duette honeycomb blinds, are an excellent option because they can be made to fit snugly to large window or unusual window frames and can be easily motorised so there are no cords.

“Duettes were first developed about 30 years ago, and since then have been continually innovative in design, style and performance,” says Susan. “They now have a honeycomb within a honeycomb structure which offers the ultimate in heat loss reduction and in keeping your home cool in summer.

"The latest in the designer series are Duette Achitella Menage which have a triple honeycomb construction, with six layers of fabric and five insulating air pockets. “Achitella Menage offers the best insulating properties on the market, and loads of design flexibility,” says Susan.

Known as the designer’s answer to double glazing, Duette blinds are able to work top down or bottom up, have dual day/night shades in one blind and can even be used on skylights.

“The colour ranges are expansive and the ability to create custom shapes means we can do so much creatively,” says Susan.

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