‘Picasso would be Envious’

Engaging the public on the Auckland Waterfront with Artists (the ‘guys’) at work from ‘A Supported Life’- a charity based residential care facility for adults with disabilities.

The guys will move about the waterfront recording in pencil on paper their impressions of buildings/fishing boats/cranes/structures/seagulls and more that make up the Auckland Waterfront Wynyard Quarter.

Anna Creighton will then help upscale and translate their imagery onto the seven large pre-prepared wooden panels (think Hotere formation) and the artists will then paint (using good quality water based paint) their designs onto the boards.

There will be plenty of room for improvisation along the way for the guys to introduce new elements into the compositions.

The container, provided by Panuku Development, is sited right next to the bridge and will be transformed into a studio, with one whole side being lifted up to form a canopy.

We will be encouraging engagement between the public and the ‘guys’ - it will be a welcoming space for the public to come and watch, to sit at tables and chat, and to support the artists at work. The 'guys' are gregarious and love to talk about their work, they are mostly articulate and will make a positive, enlightening impression as artists on the public.

Once the panels are complete and weather proofed Panuku is agreeable that we find a space somewhere within the Wynyard Quarter to hang the artwork for public viewing for an as yet undetermined time, and once removed the mural will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to a charity (yet to be determined which one).

‘Picasso Would be Envious’ with lively promotion, will help the public gain a wider understanding of the unique abilities and vision that people with learning difficulties have.

Creighton has the enthusiastic support from Suzanne Larmer - Support & Development leader and Stuart Spackman CEO, both of ‘A Supported Life’, Leehane Stowers & Frith Walker, Managers of Placemaking, Panuku Development - who will organise the containers and the administration work involved.

Opening up the exciting world of Raw Art in action to the public could create opportunities for the guys to work on further creative projects, or even be offered commissions.

Project Facilitator- Anna Crichton, M: 021 1111 869
E: illustrator@annacrichton.com

List of artists names yet to come.
(Creighton will be on site from 11 – 29 March, 10 am – 3pm excluding weekends and Thursdays)

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