Classics endure - the timeless style of wooden shutters

Lahood Window Furnishings has been dressing Auckland’s best windows for over 25 years.

She has seen how wooden shutters can add timeless elegance and enhanced functionality to the window areas of both classic and new homes.

“Wooden shutters are the ultimate window dressing for villas and bungalows,” explains Susan. “Probably the most exciting development in recent years is how affordable and versatile they have become.” Advances in the manufacturing process have meant that wooden shutters can easily be used in a wide variety of homes and rooms.

Traditionally, the production of wooden shutters was costly so when budgets got tight toward the end of a renovation project or new build they are often out of scope. By taking advantage of technology improvements to the production process, Lahood offers customers the enduring quality and timeless elegance of wooden shutters at much more accessible price points.

“In terms of value, they can add so much to a home. Aesthetically they add size, depth and light control to interior spaces. Plus they are incredibly long lasting, they don’t date and they don’t wear out,” says Susan.

Wooden blinds have also become much more versatile. It terms of practicality, they can now be fixed in a variety of ways offering home owners more choice and freedom. This means they can add depth and ambience to modern homes as well as working seamlessly in villas and bungalows.

As Susan explains it they are a perfect combination of practicality and design. “By using our wooden blinds in combination with full drape curtains in a room, we can create warmth, depth and improved privacy without making a space feel closed off from the outside world.”

The advantage of wooden shutters is the amount of control you can have to adapt light and privacy.

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