The state of the Western Springs lakeside park

Have you been to the lake recently?

The 'ongoing' maintenance of the park and the lake hasn't been 'ongoing' since Australian firm Ventia took control of our parks and the combined Parks Department into 'Community Facilities' with all the community buildings.

The drinking fountains are broken, the toilets have been closed and replaced by portaloos, the storm damage from April's Category 2 storm hasn't been removed, and the lake is so filthy it smells. The lake is man-made and relies on a series of weirs to flush it regularly. These weirs are broken and repair timing is unknown. These birds are going to get botulism and so will the zoo animals who also rely on this water.

This is a health and safety emergency, far beyond the 'crying wolf' by council over the pines trees on the hill above.

Remember, the source water is a natural spring that used to be the town water supply so there's no need for this filth... and WLB, stop blaming it on the birds and the bread in the lake, and do your job by getting Ventia to do its job.

Gael Baldock, Westmere