Fake flowers - versatile and lasting

When it comes to fake verses fresh flowers, the debate has long been, which is best.

It was during a trip to Europe he noticed a proliferation of fake flowers being sold and used in a variety of ways. He believed fake flowers to be the future and he wanted to be a part of it. He set out to find the best suppliers who happen to be in China. Because, he says that’s where the best fake flowers are from.

That was eight years ago and since then Tony has worked solely with fake flowers. He started retailing them about five years ago.

Fabulous Faux flowers supply to corporations for reception areas and corporate functions, for hotel lobbies and rooms and for television programmes. It supplies grass and flower walls to interior designers, and it makes personal flower arrangements for birthdays. It works with weddings where it can arrange flowers throughout the church or just in certain areas and set up wonderful arrangements for the wedding reception.

“For weddings it’s always special,” says Tony. “We work closely with each client to ensure the flowers meet the expectations of each client. We can go overboard for religious weddings or create simple elegance for the romantic look.

“I sometimes help with arrangements, but in the main l hand that duty to our award-winning international florists, who between them have many years of experience and several awards to show for it.

“I love working and living in Ponsonby. It is the part of Auckland if something’s happening, it’s happening here - it’s where it’s at. I’ve lived in the Herne Bay and Ponsonby area for over 30 years and I have always loved the vibe. Ponsonby people are amazing and up to date with what’s happening here and worldwide and that’s so good.”
FABULOUS FAUX FLOWERS, 293 Ponsonby Road, Three Lamps, M: 021 748 393, E: anthonyhartesq@yahoo.com