In very good hands

If the name Wishbone Construction has a familiar ring to it, it’s probably because you’ve seen its signage outside many homes undergoing significant renovations in and around the streets of Herne Bay, St Marys Bay, Westmere, Grey Lynn and Ponsonby.

As technical specialists, Wayne and Graeme work closely with their clients to simplify the daunting process of renovating, and have built a reputation for eliminating the typical pain points and problems most others encounter.

With an enviable mix of creative design expertise coupled with solid building experience, clients’ ideas can be delivered as effectively and economically as possible, helping save a lot of time and money.

In practice, this means Wayne and Graeme manage everything from start to finish. Typically this process starts with helping clients translate their ideas into creative yet practical designs, doing all the heavy lifting and liaison to meet council and engineering requirements.

Managing director, Wayne Fletcher, says, “A common early stage problem facing our clients is the costly conflicts arising from the gap between what they want and design or site complexities, or building code compliance and local bylaw stipulations.

“By helping to mould plans at the start through insightful and innovative practical construction techniques, we simplify the planning and engineering requirements, which means a reduction in overall project costs, as well as shortening delivery timeframes.”

Once plans are signed off, Wayne and Graeme then project-manage all facets of the build process, including the managing of all sub contractors. This effectively makes them a single point of contact for clients from start to finish, which means they can quickly and simply solve all the complexities that arise at different stages in the project process with no delays.

Wayne says, “It’s important to us that we leave no stone unturned. This method of working ensures our clients are 100% happy with the results. We project-manage a job from start to finish - any delays with sub-contractors do not stop us meeting the agreed completion date, or the agreed fixed-price budget. Delivering a project on-time and to budget is what we do. It might seem old school, but we pride ourselves in the way we work and in delivering on what we promise.”

Given the nature of its clients’ requirements, Wishbone Construction is adept in carrying out earthworks, footings, steelwork, concrete, tilt-slab and timber construction and can build everything from simple retaining walls to pools, large scale historic renovations and entire new builds. As Wayne says, “No job is too simple or too complex. If you’re unsure, just give us a call and we’d be happy to chat more.”
They offer fixed price quotes and are committed to meeting timings and price.

What their clients have to say:

“Wayne is an excellent problem-solver who ensured the project ran smoothly from start to finish. He also added extra value to the project with his creative solutions. His skilled and trustworthy Wishbone team are great to work with. We are happy to recommend Wishbone to anyone considering a house renovation or build.”
Pippa Coom - Grey Lynn

On-time and on-budget! We were most impressed with Wishbone's professionalism, high level of communication and incredible workmanship throughout the entirety of the project - from an excellent structural understanding to a minute attention to detail and finish. They have exceptional skills in project management, additionally we found Wayne and Graham very able to suggest innovative and cost-effective solutions when asked. We have full trust in their workmanship and integrity and would recommend them without hesitation.
Matt & Kimberly Sumner - Herne Bay

You’ll be in very good hands with Wishbone Construction.

WISHBONE CONTRUCTION, Contact, Wayne Fletcher on M: 021 239 9093,